Sunday, 30 May 2010

History of Art & Design — Private View Invitation

In partial collaboration with Sally-Anne Burt, we made this invitation for a brief from Brighton University's History of Art and Design courses. They wanted the invite for the private view of their dissertation presentations — although this one didn't get selected, it was a nice thing to work on. Tricky to try and encompass so many different ideas and embody the many schools of thought studied on the courses, into a small space on a page.

The invite is an A3 double-sided screen print, that folds down into A5 for posting.
With references to wide ranging topics, we stitched together the phrase "For Curious Minds" using letterforms from many different typefaces, all originating from many different cultural backgrounds, to mimic how the courses do this with the ideas they teach. The reverse has all the information.

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