Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cities Project -- Nostalgia & Berlin

Following on from a previous post below, I finished my book. As I had intended I made the whole book not using a computer at all. All the photographs are taken on 35mm film and the prints were photocopied. The type was comprised from photocopied pages of type specimen books and some of the older photos were taken from Berlin protest magazines my dad had collected from the early eighties.


The book is comprised of two sections were are individually stitched but then are bound together by an elastic band. The two sections separate the two years, 1980 and 2010. My dad lived in Berlin in 1980 and then re-visted for the first time when we went earlier this year. With the fall of the wall the city had changed drastically since the last time he was there, and the book is meant to express a sense of nostalgia but also to illustrate the changes in the landscape and the feel of the city that have occurred in last 30 years.

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