Thursday, 17 September 2009

Summer Project

As part of the Brighton University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, 2nd year,  rather ambiguous, rather frustrating, rather mystifying, summer project, entitled 'Animal, Vegetable & Mineral' I have been looking at the humble apple. 
After creating an obsessive list about every single kind of pop culture/scientific/literary reference to the apple (there are very many, for example, I was unaware of the rather sweet practice of 'Apple Wassailing' – where cider farmers sing to their trees to bless them for a good harvest) I came across a book called 'The Apple in the Dark' by Clarice Lispector. 
Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian author and 'The Apple in the Dark' is the latest work to be translated, and is being published in a new edition by Haus Publishing
I was inspired by the lovely title of the book, and so have been working on a cover design for the book, using some photography as a basis. Some of my photos can be seen here.
Here are a few ideas.