Monday, 31 May 2010

V&A Designers of the Future Exhibition

A small but perfectly formed exhibition is taking place in Room 220 of the V&A's Sackler Centre, from June 15th to July 31st. Here is the brief description from their website:

"This display will showcase work by art and design students from the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art inspired by the V&A and its collections. A related conference exploring museum and higher education collaboration will take place in July 2010."

Seizing a nice opportunity to get some work exhibited by one of country's most prestigious museums, Abby Byrne, Kelly Satchell and myself created a typographic triptych of some of our favourite design quotes in silkscreen. It evolved from the inspiration of the V&A's preservation of precious printed or caligraphically rendered ancient scriptures (see this earlier post). The idea was to create precious, fancifully rendered scriptures for own purposes of guidance as fledgling designers.

This is a little peak at my print — my quote is from David Craib,

The three prints have been bubble-wrapped into their frames and are most likely sat in a cupboard awaiting hanging in London, but once on display I will get some proper photographs of the three of them  in all their glory!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cities Project -- Nostalgia & Berlin

Following on from a previous post below, I finished my book. As I had intended I made the whole book not using a computer at all. All the photographs are taken on 35mm film and the prints were photocopied. The type was comprised from photocopied pages of type specimen books and some of the older photos were taken from Berlin protest magazines my dad had collected from the early eighties.


The book is comprised of two sections were are individually stitched but then are bound together by an elastic band. The two sections separate the two years, 1980 and 2010. My dad lived in Berlin in 1980 and then re-visted for the first time when we went earlier this year. With the fall of the wall the city had changed drastically since the last time he was there, and the book is meant to express a sense of nostalgia but also to illustrate the changes in the landscape and the feel of the city that have occurred in last 30 years.

History of Art & Design — Private View Invitation

In partial collaboration with Sally-Anne Burt, we made this invitation for a brief from Brighton University's History of Art and Design courses. They wanted the invite for the private view of their dissertation presentations — although this one didn't get selected, it was a nice thing to work on. Tricky to try and encompass so many different ideas and embody the many schools of thought studied on the courses, into a small space on a page.

The invite is an A3 double-sided screen print, that folds down into A5 for posting.
With references to wide ranging topics, we stitched together the phrase "For Curious Minds" using letterforms from many different typefaces, all originating from many different cultural backgrounds, to mimic how the courses do this with the ideas they teach. The reverse has all the information.