Friday, 13 November 2009

Wired Sussex Portfolio Clinic

Last night I headed to the Corn Exchange to attend Wired Sussex's portfolio clinic. A wide range of different digital design agencies attended to offer up their wisdoms on how to be more successful in applying for work (or in my case internships) and how to get the most out of your portfolio.
It was a very popular event so most of my time was spent in a que to speak to designers but it was without a doubt worth my while.

I spoke to 3 agencies based in Brighton or surrounding areas – Preview,  Red Design and Crush.

They were all very encouraging and supportive of the work I showed them, and it's always nice to get feedback from somebody in industry who isn't one of your tutors and will judge your work solely on face value, without any bias towards a pre-established understanding of you as a student.

The main pieces of advice I took away from the event were

  • Always push yourself as much as possible – pick the hardest most challenging briefs you can, and don't be put off by that.This being the kind of tutorial advice than can be difficult advice to follow when faced with a looming deadline but it's inspiring to have this message echoed by designers working in industry.
  • That designers love to get things through the post and sending out things can be much more effective than an e-mail sometimes.
  • That most agencies do actually bother to look at the pdf's you send them, and that it's still a good way of finding work experience. 
  • Keep at it!
Theres a lot to be said for having these people give you the time of day, sometimes it's all you need to push you further.


  1. hope it was useful. keep up the good work. we will look out for you on the cover of Creative Review next year ;)

  2. Yes, definitely! thanks...ha ha we'll see - I guess you have to keep ambitious!